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Quick update before I scamper off again:
- Finally unlocked my phone and am enjoying my own plan on a new carrier.
- My boyfriend got the internship he was trying for. Starts next month, and he’s super excited.
- Counseling is turning out to be pretty beneficial.
- I’m doing much more on my own than I had ever thought possible. I suppose I can explain in further detail sometime soon.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Have a lovely weekend~ <3

Hello, lovelies. :) I’m sure you’re tired of seeing sporadic posts, so if you’re still following, thank you so much for being patient with me.

Things have been really chaotic lately, but I’m a few steps closer to being completely on the right track. I look forward to devoting more time to tumblr and all you wonderful people once everything is squared away.

Hope y’all are doing well. Stay strong and have a great day

Happy anniversary of the People’s Filibuster. I have a little something about that on Facebook that I’m considering cross-posting here, but we’ll see how I’m feeling later.

I’m sicker than I’ve been in years right now, pretty much to the level of “take me out back and shoot me.” But my first counseling appointment is tomorrow afternoon; I must do everything in my power to make it and be able to talk long enough to finish the intake process.

No change in the phone department for now. If at all possible, I aim to get on a much cheaper plan soon with at least one other person and keep my phone + number. My dad responded when I told him about that but not when I brought up the hoarding issues again. My folks get treatment for a variety of physical problems. I understand that the cost adds up, but this hoarding bullshit is affecting their health, too. And if I didn’t run the risk of someone local and not in the know seeing this, I’d be more than happy to list examples. I know you can’t force someone to get treatment. It’s just really frustrating.

My fever broke earlier, but I’ve a ways to go yet. Till next time, lovely beings.

I’m losing my phone service soon.

Uncensored version: I’m losing my phone service soon because of my mom’s hoarding, which has also become my dad’s problem. In order to afford three more storage units in addition to the three they already have, he has to cancel our phone plan.

I am just now able to take significant steps to get treatment for my illness and do, oh idk, a shitload of basic things other people my age have long since mastered. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

If she - if they both - would get help, storage for a supposed upcoming move wouldn’t cost so fucking much because there wouldn’t be so much junk to deal with.

I may seem ungrateful or sound like an entitled little shit, but I really don’t care right now. This is ridiculous.

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